Thursday, August 30, 2012

Purple bubbles and Slurpees

When it's over 100 degrees outside, there isn't anything else to do except to go swimming.  Luckily, our apartment's pool was completely deserted, so Lincoln and his Aunt Ray had the entire pool to themselves (until I got there with the camera, of course).

It was the perfect chance to experiment with Crayola's colored bubbles I'd bought a few months ago, but was too nervous to open because of the huge "warning!" sign on the side, listing all of the things these "fun" bubbles could potentially damage.  Rachel said were the worst (stained clothes/very messy) and best (fun to watch colors float in water/kept Lincoln's attention) invention ever.  

After a few minutes, we were all overheating, so Tyce brought us Slurpees on his way home from work.  The timing of that guy is always so perfect!  I truly believed I could've died there, Sahara Desert-style.  It was that hot.


  1. Hmmm, those colored bubbles seem fun, but might be more of a hassle then anything. I also need to mention if I squatted down like that in a bathing suit, I would not look as good as you, jelous.

  2. Cute! It has started cooling down here. If I hadn't seen you in person, I'd think you digitally whitened your teeth, but alas, they really are so white...jealous. And you must be nursing still cuz you're so thin! I can relate a bit:)

  3. You and Rachel are both so're welcome;) Anyways....that little guy is so cute to look at. Could it be that I think he is gorgeous? Or cause he belongs to me? Or because you take really good pictures? Or all of the above? Yes!