Wednesday, August 31, 2011

on cupcakes, torture, and socks

We're sorta obsessed with Divas cupcakes, so in lieu of sleep, we made a late night run for something sweet.  I'm kinda excited for L's 6 month check up (I can't believe in two-ish weeks L will be that old) because then we can officially be given the green light to give him bites [of healthy food of course] here and there. It seems like all he's interested in is what we have on our forks, and when I eat in front of him I feel like I'm depriving baby boy and torturing him a little.  It makes eating a little less fun (and we cannot have that)!

It's been so hot and humid lately that the only time I want to spend time outdoors is in the evening!  Thankfully, Salt Lake is supposed to cool down, and I personally can't wait.  I've got a cute pair of overalls waiting for my baby boy to put on, and I'm sort of obsessed with these socks.  What could be more perfect than daddy-baby matchy matching?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Zzz's, or the lack thereof.

Lately I've felt like I'm in a fog.  I have to wear concealor and foundation under my eyes, and last night I think I stared at Tyce for an entire 30 seconds before answering a simple question.  I keep zoning out, becoming very suddenly concentrated on the tile floor, looking at it like I've met it in another life and cannot possibly rip my eyes away from it's majesty.  Wait, what?  I was zoned out.  Talk about "the lights are on but nobody's home."  Perhaps I should get more sleep, you say?  Someone should give that memo to my baby boy.  They say babies need more sleep than adults to function, yet here I am, staring at Lincoln bouncing away in his jumper, wondering if he snuck a Red Bull when I wasn't looking.  The worst part is that I can't have any caffeine because that means he will get caffeine...and I desperately need him to take one solid nap, so that possibly I can take one solid nap.  For now, I guess I'll have to settle for the sugar rush of fruit snacks.  Lots and lots of fruit snacks.
So, as you can imagine, I can hardly think about anything other than sleep, so don't judge my lack of ability to write a simple paragraph (or even one sentence) right now.

See the mouth hanging wide open?  That's usually a pretty clear indicator L is past exhaustion, but apparently he doesn't think so.  Party.

Monday, August 29, 2011

gosh I adore this man...

This is the face I fell in love with two years ago. So much has happened and changed since then! I didn't think it possible to love him even more than I did then, but I do.  So much more.

(this picture was taken the first time I brought Tyce home to meet my family, over Thanksgiving, almost two years ago)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

We are really loving the Baby Bjorn carrier lately.  When Lincoln was younger, he was not a fan, so we're all shouting "horray's" over here!  It makes grocery shopping much easier for me, and I don't think L could be happier when he's strapped to Tyce's chest.  So cute!

Summer is almost over, and I'll be sad to put my Sam Edelman sandals in storage for the winter.  I am looking forward to getting some wide-leg jeans for the fall, I'm such a sucker for comfort right now!

I have seen a lot of friendship bracelets on the runway this fall.  I just need some bright colored string and a couple of friends so we can make a night out of creating these to mix up my accessories (of which I can hardly wear lately, since I don't want them scratching Lincoln, but these would be perfect)!

And last of all...I want Gap's entire Wild Ones collection for Lincoln!  So cliche, I know, but I can't resist the adorable hats, striped pants, and yellow cable knit sweaters!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


While we were in San Diego, we celebrated my sister Amy's birthday (hence the title, since she turned 23).  It was Sunday, so in our best efforts to keep the Sabbath holy, we decorated using things found around the condo.  We didn't bring tape, scissors, or string - not even markers (highlighters don't count).  Instead of a birthday banner, we used wrapping paper and wrote on it with a scripture pen, then used highlighters to accentuate the letters; instead of string, we cut up plastic grocery bags with an old knife someone had left behind, then used it to hang up the so-called banner.  We wrapped Amy's gifts and tied them with slices of grocery bags, then used all extras to decorate the top of a chair as her "birthday thrown."  By the end we felt pretty creative, using paper plates and cups to spell "happy birthday amy," which we laid out for Amy to see as she walked towards the door.

Some girls turn straw to gold (or so their fathers say).  We turn garbage to birthday decorations.  Personally, I think our way is better.

Friday, August 26, 2011

a few ways my world is different now that lincoln is here

As I was getting ready to shower this morning, I sat on the edge of tub adjusting the water until it was the "perfect temperature."  Not too hot, and not too cold.  Warm enough so it wouldn't get cold halfway through the bath, but not warm enough to be hot.  Then I remembered.  It's me who will be getting in the bath, not Lincoln.  And I'm not taking a bath.  I'm taking a shower.
That made me start thinking about some of the little things that changed once baby boy entered the picture.  So I made a little list, that's in no particular order:

since what I eat, Lincoln eventually gets, I pay more attention to the cookie dough warning label: DO NOT CONSUME UNCOOKED DOUGH.  I don't follow the warning (are you kidding?), but i now feel more aware and cautious (this, ultimately, helps nothing though).

I say "hi" to random little kids who stare at me when I walk by.

uhm, my boobs?  I actually have some now?

I hesitate to wear gray now, since any baby drool on it whatsoever is very, very (very) obvious.

the word "yikes" has entered my vocabulary.  Yikes.

I like chocolate now.  Mmm Reeses peanut butter cups.

I have given heels up for the time being *sigh* because every time I wear them and have to balance myself + Lincoln, I end up hating my aching feet, then making Tyce promise he won't let me wear them the next time I think it's a good idea.  I hope you hear violins when you read this.  I sure hear them.

no dairy.  Or...not as much dairy, unless of course I want a crying baby (yea Soy)!

There's no such thing as "letting my hair down."  Not literally, anyways.  It will get pulled out, courtesy of the Linco-nater (i just now made that up).

when I hear anyone being a smidgen louder than "normal" while Lincoln is sleeping, I feel a kind of rage and aggression that cannot be articulated.  To put it simply, I want to rip their arms off and shove them down their throat.  Or something like that.

my prayers are much longer because of how thankful I am for this life, my husband is more attractive because I get to watch him be an amazing dad, and I now start each morning singing "Good Morning!  Good morning!" to my baby boy.

...just to name a few.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Prairie Schooner (which means wagon, btw)

A few days ago we drove to Ogden to meet Tyce's family to celebrate his dad's birthday.  When we were almost there, I received a text telling us where they were sitting so we could find them.  It read "first wagon on the left."  I didn't realize that we were going to be seated literally inside of a wagon to eat, but then we were going to The Prairie Schooner, and I guess I just hadn't taken that seriously enough!  Inside of the restaurant there was dirt, handcarts, rattle snakes, and even an Indian, all there for your dining pleasure.  L seemed pretty excited about the scenery because it provided him with his favorite eye candy, which is fire (we hope this phase passes, naturally).  He also was endlessly entertained by everyone because they kept passing him around the table, giving Tyce and I a nice break to catch up on our meal.

Once we were in the car homeward bound, L promptly passed out.  He slept on the drive up to Ogden too, so we didn't think we would be so lucky...I guess L's finally beginning to get the car ride routine down pat!  I'm so proud.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

our beach trip. off the sand.

We spent a lot of time off the sand (somehow it's a lot more difficult to get on the beach when you have a baby to feed and put down for naps), but we got to look out our windows at the water whenever we wanted (pictures of our trip on the beach here)!

P.S.  Did you notice Lincoln's eye color in the first picture?  They are looking more hazel everyday!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

a little sugar

Today I woke up starving.  Baby boy is eating every other hour throughout the night lately. While I am telling myself it's just a phase, I'm actually beginning to wonder if watching me stumble over to his crib like a zombie (to say the least) is too hilarious for Lincoln to pass up.  Personally, I don't really appreciate the humor of the situation, but apparently I'm not the one calling the shots around here!

Last Saturday we went to Dave and Elena's wedding, where Tyce was one of the groomsmen.  They choose the most beautiful locations to be married (Capitol Hill) and have their reception (Devereaux Mansion), and they both looked so happy to be together and sharing the day with friends and family.  Tyce got to see old friends, I got to eat as many truffles and creme puffs as my heart desired, and Lincoln got to taste a little sugar that someone snuck him while we weren't looking.

(Does the last picture make anyone else think of the guy from LMFAO? When I see this picture I immediately start singing "everyday I'm shuffling" in my head)

Monday, August 22, 2011

on, and in, the sand.

There are so many good things to say about our vacation!  My parents got a condo that was right on the beach, so all we had to do was look out the window to see the waves.  The first few days it was cloudy so we didn't get the sun time we expected, but it turned out perfect because it gave everyone a chance to spend time with one another and get to know Lincoln more.  Pacific Beach (in San Diego) has a lot to do, so we rode bikes, longboards, and roller blades, took lots of walks, shopped at little boutiques along the beach front, ate fish tacos, and visited Yogurtland (multiple times, actually).  We celebrated Amy's 23rd birthday, ate so much food my mom had to go to Costco twice, and enjoyed a Law & Order, SVU marathon (we kinda felt like little kids with candy since we don't own a tv.  In short, we had a fabulous time!  Here are some of the pictures we took on the sand (I'll post more off the sand, but still at the beach, later)...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

a few favorites from the beach

Going to San Diego has made me miss living in California. I try not to think about all of the things I love so much that are only available there because I want to enjoy where I am, and not be a cry baby about being in Utah...but I have my days.  Although I try to stay positive, today I am really missing the humid salty air from the beach and my family.  Every night we took a walk down the boardwalk and it felt so good to have the beach on one side of me, and my family on the other.

The condo that we stayed in had a hot tub (we quoted the SNL skit "Welshly Arms hot tub" every time we'd talk about going in).  Besides killing everyone's sunburns, it was really nice to sit in chemical treated hot water to wash all the salty grim off before we went back inside.  My parents used to have a huge jacuzzi that they'd keep luke warm so we could splash around when we were young, but it's gone now.  Although they have a gorgeous deck and porch swing sitting where the jacuzzi used to live, I miss it!  In the summer, that jacuzzi was our best friend, and we made a lot of good memories floating in the bubbles we "accidentally" poured in, spinning from the jets pushing our little bodies in circles.

While we had eight babysitters around, Tyce and I snuck out for some real fish tacos.  Not the Del Taco wanna-be version, but the real deal.  I love fish tacos with all my heart, I just refuse to eat them unless they are fresh (which means next to the ocean), and since it's been a while since I've been near salt water, I forgot how amazing they taste!

I guess while we live in Utah I'll concentrate on appreciating the perfected bread recipes with homemade jam, the beautiful parks and family friendly everythings...but sometimes I like to dream we are somewhere a little different.  Just sometimes.