Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pet Area

When we take any car trip over 45 minutes, we look for gas stations with "Pet Area's."  They are surprisingly clean and have a big enough space to get a baby's wiggles out without running in front of a semi truck.  

Kinda funny how much people cater to animals.  Our friends would sometimes compare their miniature dog to our infant son...which I could only take for so long!  One night, while we were all at dinner (and I was entering and leaving the conversation every 5 minutes to chase Lincoln), they made another ridiculous comparison, and I started laughing and said, "you act like your dog is a baby!  Try having - or even taking care of - a baby first before you compare your dog to our child."  I regret how rudely it came across (especially since they were hosting the dinner party), but c'mon.  

So, gas stations - how about some stir-crazy, "Child Area's?"  You can even keep the pail there, since we threw Lincoln's dirty diaper in it!  Take that.


  1. Good for you. That is very annoying. A dog you can put in a crate, feed once or twice a day and you're good to go. Babies are so much more work and need more from you. I think it's good you said something, often times people don't realize how thoughtless they are being.

  2. Aww. Look at his chubby legs!!

  3. Haha, this made me laugh. Tis true, dogs are nothing like babies! Oh to be able to put a kid outside and leave it ( j/k)...but really kids are much harder...otherwise, everyone would have a ton!;) P.S. I miss when Eli could wear onesies!

  4. Next time you're in that situation, I dare you to ask them how long they nursed their 'baby'. Should make for some interesting answers. Or lack of friends. LOL---that may not be a bad thing after all.