Friday, February 15, 2013

Hugs and Kisses

filled with



Tuesday, February 12, 2013

To Die For

I think the day Lincoln's baby cheeks disappear will be the day I die  
(okay, maybe just on the inside).

Monday, February 11, 2013

Buildin' Forts and Stuff

These cardboard blocks have been Lincoln's new obsession, especially when Tyce is home to build a fortress around him.  Watching these two boys play together is kinda my favorite thing in the world right now.  I love that regardless of how "cool" a guy might seem, as soon as building blocks or legos are out, they're down on the floor playing just as hard as the toddler next to them.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

While I Was Sleeping

A few days ago Lincoln and I returned from a ten day "vacation" to California.  A few days into our trip, Lincoln lost his appetite and obviously felt sick, so the first Sunday at my parent's house we spent cuddling in bed, watching Shaun the Sheep on my iPhone so we wouldn't have to get up.

My sister, Hannah, was the first to lose it, and apparently I shouldn't have laughed, because it was all my body needed to throw me into a very intense sickness.  One moment I was laughing, the next, sitting near multiple siblings in front of the fire trying to minimize convulsions from extreme chills (Funny in retrospect...not so funny in the moment).

While still reeling from the first few minutes it hit me, my little brother walked by my room where I momentarily managed to fake an "I got this" face, and told me, "my antigenes are obviously too good to let my body get sick!"  Ten minutes later he was in the bathroom throwing up, Rachel knocking on the door, yelling, "how are those antigenes treating ya, buddy!?"  And a few hours later, Rachel joined us in hell, so sick she could hardly walk.

I lost every ounce of fluid my body had available, was practically delusional the first night, had very intense back pain accompanied by full body spasms, dreamt of drinking gallons of water when I could hardly keep ice chips down, and when the worst was over, I claimed that labor wasn't as horrific (which I still fully stand behind.  It was that bad).  Thankfully my mom didn't get sick until my third day of recuperation, so she completely took care of Lincoln.

My point to this (very drawn out) story: I was only able to take a small amount of pictures (to prove we weren't kidnapped, obviously) and the fact I hardly touched my phone didn't help.  The few pictures that do exist will most likely have a short novel attached to them, in a feeble attempt to make up for what my camera missed.

As I slept off this deathly virus, Lincoln and my mom became BFF's (times 4,475).  My mom became a living Pinterest on crack, every moment experimenting a new idea or exciting "diy" project.  It reminded me of growing up, because my mom really rocked our childhood's socks off.  I was also treated to the memory of her remarkable artistic talent (notice the "Wilson" painting).  Now I know why I stick to "abstract art" when I paint...

Lincoln and I are still recuperating: Lincoln is dealing with the disappointment of leaving, while I deal with post-sickness lagging fatigue.  Lincoln's is probably worse though!  I don't think I'd be exaggerating to say that both Lincoln and I would've probably died if my mom wasn't there.  So, phew!  Close call...

Friday, February 8, 2013

And you wondered if I knew how to party!

This is what you do when your husband is gone on a business trip, right?  Just me, then?  Judge me harshly.

This was my last night to let Lincoln run around naked at midnight, then eat cookie dough for dinner - so I guess I could just say this was my last night to act completely irresponsible.  Although Tyson would've been happy about "dinner," he's one of "those people" who wants their child in bed at a decent time.  What do you call them again?  Oh yeah...parents.

Usually, I also fall into the "responsible parent" category...but today?  Nah.  We slept in, ate lots of veggie sticks (the horror!), and pushed bedtime back since Lincoln's naked bum reigned our apartment for longer than the usual "safe" amount of time (I had to re-learn this the hard way.  Again).  It was worth it (hopefully I'll feel the same way tomorrow)!