Sunday, September 2, 2012

About that one time I kidnapped an extra little boy...

On our ride back from the park (that was too hot to play on), we stopped by a friend's house to say hello, hoping to give our two-seating bike trailer a trial run with her son, Declan, who is two months older than Lincoln.  I was like, "I'll just ride around the block a few times - we'll be back in about ten minutes," and then I kept peddling and peddling, all the way home.

Once I got to our apartment, Tyce was getting home from work, so we decided to take the boys inside to cool off and eat a snack (and text Declan's mom...although it may have taken me longer than technically "responsible") before riding back.  An hour later, after yogurt, iced water, playing chase, mimicking each other, learning to share, and getting Tyce's bike down three flights of stairs, we strapped them back in the trailer, Tyce leading the way and showing me a much better bike route to their house.

Bottom line: I think Lincoln needs a buddy.  We've sorta had "baby fever" lately, and although two is more difficult than'd also be a baby.  Perhaps this is a result of Lincoln finally calling it quits on nursing, or maybe it's how happy he is when he has someone his size to play with, but either way, it was fun to imagine while we had two ecstatic boys running around us!


  1. i think its time you had another, as well. ;]

  2. Man, you're brave to take on two by yourself! Good for you! And so baby in the future, eh? Maybe for us too;) Although, I'm less enthusiastic about it and literally just thinking of Eli, lol

  3. We are in the same boat. If I think one can be a challenge, two is going to be even harder, but I saw my little man with my friends baby and it just made me want to add to our family.