Saturday, April 20, 2013

Banishing the Winter Blues

In our apartment, we get down (or more specifically, "get up, get up, and get down")!  Salt Lake offers so many toddler-friendly activities throughout the winter, but I'll be honest - the motivation to attend a thirty minute activity is significantly decreased by the ice that needs to be scraped off the car windshield, and while I have enjoyed watching Lincoln walk like a penguin because of the 62 coats I layered him in, strapping all of that into a frozen car seat tipped the enjoyment factor back down again.

I can tell you one thing about Lincoln's newfound toddlerhood - kid loves to move!  Like it's nobody's business!  The last few months have been so full of dance-offs, "beat boxing" attempts, jumping on our miniature trampoline, games of hide and seek, finger painting, building train tracks and racing hot wheels, that by bath time I'm pretty exhausted (but very happy I have my own personal trainer).

I started to randomly video these little moments which make up our day, especially since our routine will soon drastically change (once the weather gets it's act together).  I compiled a few clips to remind myself that being stuck inside over the winter, with a toddler, really isn't so fact, I think I will miss it.  A lot.