Saturday, July 7, 2012


I ask Lincoln, "where's my eyes?" and he almost pokes one out.  I ask, "where are your eyes?" and he gets his finger close enough to his own eye that we all start clapping.  Then Lincoln notices the dog, and quickly finds her eye.  Sorry dog, but he's right.  That is, indeed, your eye.  

And while clapping for finding another eye, we also say lots of "gentle," "be careful," and "yeah, let's just put the dog outside."

*no dogs were hurt during Lincoln's anatomy lesson*


  1. Bahaha, that's funny! I love it when they start noticing that stuff. Wait til he finds his boy parts, that's a great one, lol

  2. LOL!! We were just going through the same thing today with Aiden, except the nose. I as him where his nose is and its totally adorable when he finds it. I ask him where Mamas nose is and he slaps my nose. rude! lol

  3. what a good doggie to not mind ! :] so cute.