Friday, July 6, 2012

And just when the party was getting started...

it had to end. Sadly, we had to leave beautiful California and return home, but happily to a place where it's more shorts and dresses appropriate, where Tyce has been waiting for us so patiently, and where Lincoln has his own room (hallelujah)!
It seems like we just got there yesterday, and Lincoln is already ticked off mad that his "Mia" and Grandpa are so far away (which I agree about).  At least one thing is for sure: their house will cool off, and the constant sound of opening and closing doors will stop.  Lincoln was serious about his outdoor time.

But I sorta feel like that's how this trip went: we opened the door and walked in, then after a few minutes turned around and walked back out.  It's going to take a while to shake this nostalgic homesickness!


  1. Bummer we didn't get a play date! I know it is hard to squeeze friends in when you are visiting such a {large} family and everyone wants to see you! I am just happy we got that little bit for Eli's party. I need to save for a Utah trip! And visiting is always nice, but when you've been gone for a bit, coming home is oh so nice!

  2. Your visit FLEW by! How that happens, I'm not quite sure but I'm really annoyed that time ramps up to warp speed when you come for a visit. It was fun!!! We all loved it but the worst thing is that now we are left with this quiet house....except when the TV goes on and then it's 'hello speakers' again! I found a pair of Lincoln's socks...or Spencer did between the loveseats. We'll bring them when we see you in a couple of weeks.
    Love you!