Friday, June 1, 2012

City Cakes, City Cakes, baker's man - bake me a cake as fast as you can!

We found it.  The perfect bakery exists!  We've been eating our way through any bakery suggestions, randoms we drive past, or good reviews we've read (see here and here), but never liked one enough to prioritize revisiting.

But this bakery...not only can I have everything on the menu, it all tastes amazing!  And it's not just my forgotten-what-dairy-tastes-like taste buds, because Tyce (and Lincoln) liked the cupcakes, peanut butter bars, cinnamon rolls, and chocolate peanut butter mousse cake we've had in the last week (obviously I did make revisiting a priority).

The inside looked similar to an antique bookstore, the laid back atmosphere made it easy to take an active toddler along, and I'm sure Lincoln appreciated that Liberty Park was just a block away!  Since City Cakes & Cafe also offers "real" food (hence the "cafe"), the menu isn't limited to just dessert.  Date night (and lets be honest, any summer night), here we come!


  1. Blue is a good color for you! Hooray for bakeries you can enjoy....finally! Do you still have to cut out milk even though he's much older now? Or are you just used to it? I think I'd die.

    1. After eating dairy-free for one year, my stomach stopped producing the enzymes needed to break down lactose. Lincoln's stomach matured and he no longer has a problem with dairy, now it just makes me sick!

  2. Yes, I love Lincoln's outfit. My MIL has celiac's disease so she is gluten free too and it's always hard to find places we can all go together.

  3. I have so many friends who would LOVE this bakery. Even in San Francisco places like that are hard to find. It all looks so delicious!