Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Midnight Ride

Last week, Tyce decided to get me a bike, with a trailer for Lincoln, so we could take summer bike rides together as a family.  Within three days, Tyce had scoured the internet for reviews and used bike and trailer prices.  He bought me a bike on Friday, and found the perfect trailer the next night.  We took a break from the assembling, adjusting, and tune ups once Saturday turned into Sunday...but once Sunday turned into Monday (literally, at 12:00 a.m. on Monday), we decided to try our new rides out. 

We grabbed Lincoln's video monitor and headed downstairs (locking our door behind us) to our empty parking lot where we rode around, "testing" my bike, for an hour.  Although Lincoln was only a few steps away, just the two of us, together outside alone, made it seem like we were on a little date.

And yes, I may have personally tried out Lincoln's trailer.  And yes, I may be jealous he gets his own chariot...those are fun!


  1. Ok, you are so dang cute in your romper and cheetah shoes! And I would have loved to seen you in Lincolns "chariot"!!!!

  2. How adorable are you?! Getting a bike is so much fun! Maybe I inspired something?;) Now get your butt down here so we can go riding with our boys!

  3. i bet he will love the rides as much as you do :]

  4. Very fun!!!! Utah is the BEST for outdoor stuff like that!