Monday, March 19, 2012

for lincoln's birthday

Since we couldn't have Lincoln's birthday party on his actual birthday, we decided to celebrate the big o-n-e by taking our not-so-baby boy to a bakery to pick out a treat.  After visiting several bakeries in Salt Lake City the past month, Gourmandise Bakery was by far our very favorite!

Although Lincoln isn't into sweets yet (did we take the wrong baby home from the hospital or what), it was still fun - mostly for Tyce and I - to feed him things that are usually "not allowed."  After Lincoln had a few bites of his strawberry Napoleon, he couldn't sit still any longer thanks to the sugar, so we went outside where he ran laps around us until he was tired enough to let us buckle him into his car seat, and go home.


  1. Its amazing what sugar does to little ones. I am so glad that you guys had such a nice celebrations!!

  2. he looks like he really enjoyed checking out that menu ! :] everything looks so yummy.... how would you ever pick just one ? lol

  3. Aaaw, sounds like a great day!