Tuesday, May 1, 2012

besides feeling incredibly "hipster"...

I can see!  I don't know how I survived (or anyone that drove with me, especially at night) without glasses!
 I did go the trendy route (which I'm still wondering if I'll regret), but lemme tell ya - I fit right in when I'm shopping at Wholefoods (again, I'm not sure that's a good thing, but I'm still adoring the nerded-out look, even if it might be "so last year").

Bonus: My great-grandpa had a pair of glasses that look ridiculously similar to mine.  Plus Lincoln finds them pretty entertaining, and anytime my baby boy wants to stare into my eyes for one milli-second longer is pretty great in my book, since he hardly lets me hold him these days!


  1. Yes, you are incredibly hip! I think you could pull off any look you wanted to! I love my glasses, but sadly...no matter how cute they are...I just look better without them! But when I am at home that is all I wear...and Eli is so used to them that he doesn't give me any more cuddle time because of them. I am finding the only way to get him to sit still is to rub his back or tell him a story...so it doesn't get any better in my experience!

  2. Baby mohawk!! ;)
    You're gorgeous!

  3. love your new glasses (and lincoln's hair do)! you both are very hip!


  4. Those glasses look amazing on you! I really need to get my eyes checked and desperately need glasses for night time driving. Its becoming very unsafe for me. lol

  5. Oh, I like them Jen! You look great!