Monday, April 30, 2012

chasing a baby, plus one "strike a pose" moment

Yesterday after church, there was literally one cloud in the sky.  It was gorgeous outside, so before we went upstairs to put a cranky baby down for a nap, we let Lincoln run around (which, for me meant walking two steps behind him in case he tripped on cement, stopping him from eating branches off the bushes, and helping him step off the curbs).

And this last picture is just for you.  Yeah, you.  I have no idea why I struck such a "pose," but there it is. 'Tis struck.


  1. You're so beautiful and I wish I was that gorgeous mom for you guys! But alas, you have to settle with a little on the frompy side but oh, so gifted;)
    Love you much!

  2. lol! Love your pose. You are beautiful! Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine. At least I hope its sunny where you live :)