Thursday, May 3, 2012

The hurried pre-bedtime walk

Lately, the weather is being moody.  Like, teenage girl moody.  One moment it's raining and thundering, the next it's sunny with blue skies.  It's been changing so quickly that I bring jackets when we leave although it's sunny and warm outside, because most likely, it will be cold and rainy the very next hour.

One evening, the the sun came out and the weather seemed like it was starting to behave itself - but we knew better!  The warmth would only last (maybe) an hour, so we grabbed our jackets, shoes, and baby, and ran out the door for a quick pre-bedtime walk.  Those are the best!  They help Lincoln relax, give Tyce and I time to talk, and help everyone sleep better.


  1. i know exactly what you mean. our weather has been very moody in pennsylvania lately too!

    love your orange bag hanging on the back of lincoln's stroller! where is it from?


  2. hey hey :) we gave the same stroller :)