Sunday, September 4, 2011

these are a few (more) of my favorite things

When I was visiting my grandparents in Idaho, I noticed that my grandma used mason jars as a storage system.  When I got home I bought a few jars, but eventually forgot about the genius space saving idea.  Last week I finally pulled them out and I love using them!  They are especially handy when I want to open a Diet Coke, because if I don't finish it, I can pop the lid on the top of the jar, and voila!  Carbonation saver!  It helps to have striped or pretty pink straws when drinking from mason jars, too.

The post office has gorgeous and classy ship stamps right now, so I'd suggest stalking up (and they're "forever" stamps).  Is it possible to ever have too many stamps?  (hint: the answer begins with the letter "N" and ends with the letter "O")

A few things we're watching for on ebay and Amazon:
the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor.  When Lincoln's 6 month hits, he's off to his own room.  Even though he's fifteen steps away, during the night this would be so nice to have, so that I don't have to get up and check on him every time I hear a noise.  So I dream of this video baby monitor when I sleep lately.
the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light.  There are 786 reasons I want this other than the fact it is pure awesomeness packed into 11 pounds.

Isn't it funny how having a baby completely changes your wish list?  So baby stuff aside (for the moment), I've had my eyes (and heart and soul) on these Frye riding boots.  Although they are pricey, I have to argue that riding boots will stay current regardless of the changing trends, so they seem like a wardrobe piece that's worth the investment.

And I'm loving Foster The People lately ...

Last of all, I love that it's Labor Day weekend and finally cooling off!  I hope everyone is enjoying their three day weekend (it helps if these guys are playing in the background)!


  1. i STILL use my video monitor to check and make sure my little monster is in his bed or if he's up playing in his dresser drawers !! it's definitely a good investment. but it was so nice to have when he was younger to help with my SIDS fear. the best part was watching him doing all his cute little baby things before i would go in to get him up ! :] (just make sure you mount it on the wall or somewhere he can't reach when he stands in his crib because of the cord. one morning i looked at the monitor when i heard funny noises and he was holding it, looking directly at it smiling at me like he knew i was watching him.) :]

    p.s. those boots are cute !!

  2. I love that Lincoln has a hold of the straw like he's gonna get some. And I feel so unfashionable compared to you..ugh. But like you said the list of wants changes with a baby...I am very UP on my baby trends;)