Wednesday, July 27, 2011

we're home!

We're finally home. Somehow Hannah, Spencer, Rachel, mom, Lincoln and I (not to mention the tons of luggage we had - everything from a blender to a fan) all fit in the car, and are back safely. The last few days have been filled with raspberries, homemade bread, and fresh vegetables from the garden. Every time we visit Inkom I have flashbacks of all the memories I have of Idaho. Although I did grow up with more nature in my backyard than most kids, it is nothing compared to my grandparent's farm and the beautiful land that surrounds their house. It makes my heart hurt to drive away because of the wonderful memories it brings back, but we're on to new adventures with our own family now!

We've also managed to squeeze everyone into our apartment for the next day or so (i convinced my mom to stay in Salt Lake with us for a little extra time). I am dreading the day they have to leave, and I think L especially will have "Avarell withdrawals."

p.s. L did surprisingly well in the car, thanks to some talented singers and air-drummers!

*pictures (from left to right): 1-my cousin Taylor with the trout she caught 2-grandpa 3-Spencer and Hannah picking cherries 4-raspberry bushes 5-the creek behind the house 6-Rachel with Lincoln 7-grandpa and Lincoln 8-grandpa's hat 9-Lincoln on the way home

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  1. my life, my loves. You got some good pictures of Grandpa's place. So beautiful there, happy memories, and a lifetime of events. So glad you and Lincoln came that weekend!