Monday, September 5, 2011

Rubber Ducky, you're the one!

Today we worked on adding to Lincoln's library, since reading has become increasingly interesting to baby boy.  We found this quaint used book store tucked between antique and coffee shops, where we spent more than we budgeted for books.  I have a problem saying "no" to any book, especially children's books (don't you?).  The pages bring back so many memories, and make me feel like I'm sitting on my dad's lap again, reading Hop on Pop.  One of my favorite quotes by Emily Buchwald is, "readers are made on the lap of a parent."  It's so true!

Lincoln is officially teething.  For months, anytime L would get cranky I told myself "he must be teething" (I got my first tooth when I was only 4 months old), but no teeth ever showed themselves.  Until now.  Today has been the first day that Tyce and I could feel a tooth poking up.  And I've become so attached to that gummy smile of his!  One thing that always makes Lincoln feel better is taking a bath, so last night we colored the bath water green (so much more fun than plain, boring, see-through water!) and Tyce and Lincoln got in together.  I was patting myself on the back for finally buying a rubber ducky since L seemed to love it, but in hindsight I think he just needed something to chew on.  Still...rubber ducks make bath time cuter!

I think we'll finish our evening with a walk to get ice cream, lots of bedtime stories, and baby Tylenol!


  1. O my, this is the cutest post! I know I say that about every post. But every post IS the cutest post!! Did you guys make sure to sing your bath song pump up the jam? It's a must!!

  2. I Spend SO much money on I hope that quote is true! I love that you colored the tub green, soo funny! I have never thought of that! Eli got his 1st tooth just before he was four months old. But teething early isn't fun (as I have found out) But that must mean he really is ready for some food! YAY!

  3. cute !!! i especially love seeing his little fuzzy head in the last pic. :]

  4. What a cute father/son time!