Tuesday, September 13, 2011

taco tuesday

Tonight, in celebration of the third day of the week, Tuesday, we ate tacos for dinner.  I've been running around attempting to distract my cranky baby all day (stupid teeth!  Hurry up!), so things have been a little chaotic around here.  Luckily I have an amazing husband and on his way home from school, Tyce picked up tacos so I wouldn't have to worry about cooking.  For dessert (and to pick up a prescription) we went to Walgreens and browsed the candy isle for something to satisfy our sugar craving.
There were so many choices we ended up going to 7 Eleven for a drink.

P.S. Do we look exhausted in these pictures?  It's probably because we are...


  1. lincoln looks so happy to be out and about, though !! ;]

  2. AHH! I love candy, and tacos, and time out with family, even if it is to the store! (And no you don't look tired...I look tired.)I could probably use some makeup tips from you gorgeous gal! Yep, that should be a blog.:)

  3. I'm so sorry I passed on the sweet tooth...but hey, did those pearly whites come from your madre? ;)

  4. hahahahahah o man, his legs are cracking me up!! I can't handle it!!! I'm sorry he has been so grumpy. :( 3 MORE DAYS TILL I SEE YOU GUYS, and that baby of yours will be all smiles!! ;)