Wednesday, September 14, 2011

maple bacon & toasted almond

Last week Lincoln and I had lunch with our friend Gina, and her little boy Charlie.  After Gina and i caught up on our girl talk (while poor Charlie tried to find internet games to play because he was so bored), Tyce came home from work and took us to get cupcakes.  The State Fair was also last week, so  Divas Cupcakes had a lot of new flavors, made especially for the Fair.  I got the toasted almond, while Tyce got the maple and bacon.  Ew.  He said "it tasted like breakfast," but in my opinion, bacon doesn't belong on a cupcake!

I also feel it important to note that I left my hair down that day, hoping baby boy wouldn't be as interested in it.  Wrong-o Bong-o!  At least Gina was there to give those little fingers something else to entertain them while I underlined and italicized my goal to still have hair left by next year!


  1. you and your hubby take the best pictures !! :]

  2. Omgosh another blog about cupcakes?! What are you trying to do to me?! Eli loves giraffes...we're going on a record.. he has 14. Or maybe I love them, who knows?! One day you can wear down. At about a year I started wearing mine down.:)