Monday, September 12, 2011

drums, baby!

In high school, Tyce learned to drum.  After high school, he toured with Drum Corps International out of Wyoming and Colorado for two years, then taught drum classes for a few semesters before and after his mission (if you've never heard of Drum Corps before - like I hadn't - you can find a sample here).

Since we live in an apartment [on the top floor], we weren't able to set up his drums, but luckily I have a brother who also plays the drums and lent Tyce his electric drum set (thanks McKay).  It looks like we will be adding another little percussion player to the family, because Lincoln loves the beats (and watching dad rock out)!


  1. Aaaww, very cute. I love Lincoln's open mouth expression in all your pictures.

  2. That is an adorable picture!! haha, Lincoln look's pretty excited to be there!!

  3. so cute! you know, i thought it was kristen bell in your header picture! your eyes look like hers :)