Saturday, August 6, 2011


Since Monday, we've had this giant carton of raspberries that Randa (Tyce's mom) told us to "eat quickly" because they were very ripe.  No problem-o!  I've had to stop myself on several occasions from feeling overwhelmed with guilt because they are so amazing.  I feel like I'm getting away with something sneaky because they taste better than candy...but they are healthy!  And these are no store-bought raspberries, in fact, they aren't even comparable.  Since I've had the pleasure of stuffing my face to my heart's content, I've created a few little rules:

Rule #1  No mixing.  We thought since we had so many raspberries to eat in such little time, we'd top our food or dessert with them.  Typically, that would be a great idea, but not with homegrown raspberries.  The flavor is drowned out, and their sweetness cannot be fully appreciated.  If I want to top or mix raspberries with my food, I'll go buy some from the store, thank you very much.
Rule #2  Eat them by themselves.  No sugar.  These raspberries have enough attitude on their own, they do not need sugar ruining it!
Rule #3  Do not share (I only shared with Tyson because it was his own mother who gave us the raspberries).  If someone else tries to grab some, kindly slap their hand away and tell them to go marry someone who's mom will pick them raspberries she spent all summer caring for (is that so hard?  That's exactly why we don't share).  Then slap them again to really drive your point home.
Rule #4  The "five second rule" does not apply.  If you drop one, smear it across the floor, whatever - it's still good.

Once we've finished eating them, I'll unlock my front door again.  But until then...


  1. Hilarious! And left my mouth watering!I don't get raspberries from my MIL I get painted canvases with weird things hanging off them. LUCKY!

  2. Remind Randa that although it's an "in-law" thing....we're still related!!! We accept all produce
    and cheesecake here!