Friday, August 5, 2011

dinner and a baby.

This week Tyson has finals for his summer classes.  Yuck.  Although it's been a rough few days, on Monday, Lincoln and I met up with Tyson's parents for some play time while they were in Utah for a visit. After we caught up, we decided to go grab dinner with Tyson (so he could have a break from studying).  L is getting a lot of grandparent time lately and loves it; while he is being held and entertained by one grandparent, I get to swing my arms while I walk.  Or snap my fingers.  Or hold a drink and not have my hair pulled.  So it's been fun for all of us to have grandparents around!  L was quite taken with his grandma and grandpa Fuller, now they just need to move to Utah so they can be closer everyday!

The best part (my selfish self says) was the beans, zucchini, and raspberries they brought us from their garden.  Ohmagosh.  You've never had raspberries unless you've tried fresh, homegrown ones.  Yum!

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  1. I've thought (until this picture)that Lincoln looks just like you! But now I see daddy there! This is an absolutely perfect picture of the three of you. BTW-yay, for grandparents! They really are awesome!