Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dirty 30

For Tyce's second birthday celebration (we got so crazy at his first one, I know you're wondering why he needed another), we had dinner with our friends, Devin and Steph.  They live [not even] a block away, so we walked over pushing the stroller carrying a side dish.  At one point, Tyce looked over at me and asked, "what Mormon movie are we in?"

Dinner was waffles and chicken (soul food!), then Devin pulled out the cake he homemade Tyce.  Six layers.  Chocolate peanut butter.  Just carrying a portion of the left overs the half block home was a workout.

The best part was how both Devin and Stephanie held Lincoln.  They both knew how to support his little body and I couldn't help but notice how comfortable they looked with him.  Can I say they're going to be great parents without sounding too obvious?  Well, they are (she's due in February)!

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