Friday, July 15, 2011


A few months ago, Rachel was telling us how "old" a few guys were in one of her classes. She said, "it's so crazy to be in class with such old guys, they're like 30!" We're still laughing about that one.  To be fair, Tyce doesn't seem 30; he's still lighthearted and fun (unfortunately something that fades in the majority of people as their age increases), so why wouldn't people be surprised at his age? Now, as new parents, we count how old we will be in comparison to how old Lincoln will be: "so when he is graduating high school, i'll almost be 50!" Now that will help 30 seem young (which, it is)!

Tyson does rock those sunglasses (as I pat myself on the back for a gift well chosen)!  I guess anyone that good looking would, though.

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