Sunday, July 17, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

My sister once tried to tell me that her "nails were too short to look good with nail polish on." So I did what any sister would do, naturally, and painted her nails a dark plum to convince her otherwise. The entire weekend I would glance over and see her looking at her cute little nails, all painted and beautiful, as she picked up things or typed on her computer. Suddenly, everyday things became exciting again! I can look adorable drinking this bottle of water? Done. I can pinch Lincoln's pudgy legs, and feel pretty?  Yes!

 And so we come to the point of this post: I love when my nails are painted!  It makes everything feel more pretty, it makes me feel cute when I haven't showered, and what?  I can scrub the tub and enjoy it because I get to look down at my hot fushia pink sparkley nails?  Wonderful.

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