Thursday, July 14, 2011

mumbo jumbo

We got a bumbo as a baby shower gift...and after learning it cost $40, we took it back and used the money towards the billion other things that were still "must haves" at that point. Now that L is old enough to hold his head up, the bumbo slowly slipped onto that "must have" list. I can make dinner with both of my hands while L is propped up to see me work - all.on.his.own!?  Unloading the groceries, doing my hair, folding the laundry, the list goes on!  He feels like he's part of the action, gives me a minute to use both hands, and what is even better is he looks adorable just sitting there.  Doing nothing.  No kidding, am I a mom or what? After all is done and said, I'm still a little mad that thing was so expensive.  I'm not sure if I want to high five, or kick, the guy who created it!

"Let me out!" he cries, when he has had enough sitting for one day. Sometimes you just can't replace dad's arms!

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