Saturday, November 3, 2012

Black Hair and Skeleton Pajamas.

Unfortunately this Halloween, Tyson had no choice but to work while we went "trunk or treating," an event our church hosts.  When we got there, Lincoln actually held my hand (and squeezed it just a little) when we first approached a car's trunk, decked out in orange lights with princesses and bumblebees pushing in front of us.

After two cars, Lincoln was fearless.  He signed "thank you," which he says, "dee-dee," and kept holding his pumpkin out so anyone standing in front of an open trunk would drop something into it.  Lincoln had no idea that those "somethings" would later transfer him to a sugary heaven, but he liked seeing his toddler buddies, tricked out in capes and dinosaur costumes, playing the same game.

But the fun didn't really start until we were home...or should I say, until Tyson got home.  Then it was a chocolate par-tay!  I did manage to find a jolly rancher, but Lincoln needed that too.  What can I say?  The kid never eats candy, so we followed his rules for the evening.

After a whopping 3.35 pieces of fun-sized candy bars (which were shared), Lincoln was sky high on sugar.  Sugar-high enough that he should've high-fived Jupiter while he was up there.

Since I was somewhat drained by the event, I went to the grocery store (where I bought mascara then zoned out, staring at the unnecessary amount of toothpaste that filled an entire wall), while Tyson scrubbed the black spray out of Lincoln's hair (bless him), and put him to bed.

Who knew Lincoln had that much hair?!  I'm not claiming it's a lot, but in comparison to his natural (transparent) hair color, it seemed like a ton.  It surprised me every time I looked at him...but I kinda liked it (and secretly hoped it wouldn't wash out)!


  1. Oh, he's so stinking cute!!! I know he's your baby but it is the weirdest thing knowing he's 'mine' too, I love it! If he would have been here I would have given him a giant can of whipping cream---better than candy if you ask me;)

  2. You look amazing! I love your shoes! What a fun time. We raided Eli's candy too:)