Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pictures from that one time...

my family was in Utah (yep, that time like two months ago) and decided to join us on our summer tradition: to walk to Iceberg for a late dessert, and only return home when it's dark or when Lincoln's trying to karate chop my knees.  Oh yeah, we're still that serious about our ice cream (specifically Iceberg's, since there nowhere else can you order a small and end up with a shake so colossal).
That week, Lincoln realized if he pulled someone's hand, they'd go wherever he wanted...and so, these pictures are the living proof that he truly is the master manipulator (they loved it though, but it made me laugh seeing them get worked by a one year old).  

Because he is the first grandchild/nephew, Lincoln gets everyone's undivided attention.  Like...all of it, all of the time.  And I'm happy with that (at least until we have an "attention crisis" when we have another baby)!

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  1. You gotta love when a baby is as cute from the back as he is from the front! Love the pictures, Jen. I'm so glad you took some, we didn't even think to bring the camera. You captured a lovely memory...ah, summer nights!