Tuesday, October 9, 2012

year number two

Although our first year of marriage was one of excitement, clarity, and beautiful life-changing events, it was also a year we look back on thinking, "wow...that was crazy!"  Not because we didn't adore every moment of it, but with clarity also came abrupt and major lifestyle adjustments.  It was a beautiful time that united and bonded us because we choose to lean on one another for reinforcement.  But we did it!

Now, here we are on our second wedding anniversary, realizing how difficult that first year really was because of how quickly we decided to become individually better, to recognize a value system, and to (quickly) prepare for parenthood.  We've made it to a more enjoyable place in life and as I'm sure each year does, this second year of marriage has added fortification and an emotional collaboration which far surpasses that of the first.

So tonight we'll be raising our [sparkling cider] glasses to a wonderful year of marriage, parenthood, late night homework sessions, insane work schedules, oh-so-beautiful sleep, and the best friend we've been able to share these moments with...and to the many more to come!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Our first one was the hardest, our second was a pretty easy compared...but each year we learn something new too...I love the second photo. And even though it is sparkling cider, isn't it so sweet to have shared so much in such a short time?!

  2. congratulations! happy two year anniversary!!!