Monday, July 16, 2012

one piano + one cello = " The Piano Guys."

Get ready for some overly enthusiastic self-portraits!  What can I say, we haven't been out on a date in a while!  For Tyce's birthday, I bought tickets to The Piano Guys, who were playing in an outdoor amphitheater near Salt Lake.  They are famous for their YouTube mashups of classic and modern music (such as Michael Jackson and Mozart), and hearing them play live impressed me even more because of their extreme talent. 

The entire evening we kept talking about music lessons for Lincoln: when would be the best time to begin?  What instrument would he learn?  When my brother, Spencer, introduced me to The Piano Guys, he played me a song with only the cello (found here), and Lincoln stopped running outside, came to the door, and just stood there listening.  Uhm, what!?  Since Lincoln's such a constant mover, it really made an impression on me that each child's reaction will be different depending upon the instrument, so it seems especially important to take that into consideration before enrolling a young child into extensive music lessons.  

Tyce was heavily involved in percussion; he played and taught the drums for years.  I took piano lessons, but was never truly "into it," so I finally quit.  While we try and play classical music in our home regularly, it is unique to find music that is provoking and also encompassing beats that makes you want to dance.  There is something so fulfilling about instrumentally based music, and while it might not seem "cool" to blast in your car with the windows down, it does something more profound: you're able to close your eyes, instantly be transferred to an improved mental state, and be filled with the overwhelming emotion of awe-inspiring true beauty.  That's something words cannot ever articulate.  


  1. You guys are so cute! I agree, I love any instrumental music! I hope my boy will be into music too since I sing and Justin plays guitar. We will see!

  2. Every picture of you guys is sooo good!! So gorgeous and handsome!

  3. great pictures.... as usual ! your photogenic-ness makes me a little sick. :P haha