Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Going on a safari. In Utah.

A few weeks ago, Tyce's work had a function at Hoogle Zoo.  Usually it just depresses me to see animals from Africa in six foot cages in Utah, but then, it was free, offered free dinner, and oh yeah...maybe Lincoln might enjoy seeing the animals?

Although we did have a good time, the animals were quite sedentary (perhaps some Prozac might help), and Lincoln only lasted about thirty minutes before he started offering manipulative kisses so I'd let him jump in with the wildcats, and came this close to throwing himself on the ground in front of the giraffes because he was so tired.  Since we were the responsible party for a ticking time bomb, we hurried through the exhibits and then let Lincoln lead the way back to the car.

And you know what?  It still made me sad for all those "wild" animals, even if they are wonderful learning experiences for Lincoln.  But hey.  What do I know?  But the temperature has stayed above 100 degrees lately, so maybe Utah isn't that different from Africa!


  1. Aaaw, love the kisses picture. We feel the same about zoos, but I suppose it is a good learning tool because I could never afford to travel to Africa to teach Eli hands on about them...and some of them are rescued so otherwise they might have just died. We take up a lot of the world so I think is some respect zoos are a good thing. I love the pics...girl, I thought I had muscles...not compared...lol

  2. i agree, it is sad to see them in zoos but i do love to see them since that's the only way i ever will ! bubba loves seeing them, too. oh, and i love the picture of daddy and son walking ahead. i have one like that of my boys at disneyland. :]