Monday, July 23, 2012

"french" fries and giant shakes.

We can't help the fact that we live half a block from an outdoor eatery that sells ice cream and deliciously greasy fries, and we can't help that when we ride our bikes nearby, someone usually pulls on the brakes.  Or...someone thinks the other person was going to stop, so we end up stopping to "make sure."  Are you following me still?

This is all, really, about ice cream and french fries, plus a little boy who loves his fries extra greasy (which makes them more like "American" fries, instead of "French" fries.  Our kid is already so patriotic)!  Since we always have leftovers, Tyce rides home with his giant shake in one hand, and Lincoln and I pedal behind him so we can watch some intense, one-handed bike maneuvers that are always quite impressive.


  1. There is nothing wrong with family moments like this especially when you can eat like that and still look celebrity skinny. Whatever you're doing Is working.

  2. so cute! it's nice that you guys live so close to an outdoor eatery that you can bike there! (if i lived near you, that would be very dangerous for my waist line!)

    ps: you look amazing!!! i agree with samantha, whatever you're doing is working for sure!