Friday, July 20, 2012

Groceries vs. Kayaks (in cold water, if that helps even things out)

One sunny day in California
my mom and Lincoln went "grocery shopping" 
ate lunch
 played in water 
and walked the neighborhood 7,856 times...

While the rest of us
went to the docks in Lake Arrowhead
where "we" went swimming
(it wasn't over 72 degrees
so I was not about to get in that water)
and kayaked.  

And then my Dad left us with this little gem
that our world would not be
complete without.
Hands down, best picture of him.


  1. i love the first and last pictures. haha !

  2. Um, love love love this post. Looks like a fun day! And sort of bummed that you came to Lake Arrowhead, but didn't stop by (well, ya know for more than a minute!)..that last pic of your dad is pure awesomeness, and I love the pic of them jumping into the water!