Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pedaling around

We can't get enough family bike rides since the weather has warmed up!  Lincoln is in "observation mode" the entire time, so he's pretty serious about keeping us moving (except, of course, when he has to take a call from Tyce's cell phone that slipped under the trailer seat).

Ah summer, it finally feels like you're here (and thanks to my postnatal hair regrowth, I can finally pull my bangs up without looking like I'm trying to rock a Benjamin Franklin receding hairline)!  I have a feeling the next few months are going to closely resemble a dream.  A very, very good dream.

*music by I'm From Barcelona; "Headphones."


  1. ahhh overalls!! ahhhhhhhh i LOVE that video! Love the music as well! I just want to fail school and come and be with you guys!

  2. BTW, Jen, you look sooooooooo gorgeous in that video!

  3. SO cute !!! :] by the way, what is tyson doing to keep up ? is he on a bike as well ?

    1. oh yes, Tyce has his own bike that he follows us with, usually staying behind Lincoln's trailer in case a car doesn't see us!

  4. Could you please just let me borrow that outfit?! I love it! SO cute! And loved the song to that video, so perfect! Lincoln is clearly enjoying the bike rides. And don't you just love what it does for your legs?! I seriously ride every single day just to see my muscles, haha!

  5. so much fun! you guys are too cute!

    and i love your overalls!


  6. Too perfect, except for one thing....it didn't last long enough! You should do another one for the whole song, and then I can watch
    all of you for what? three whole minutes!! Yeah, yeah, make a longer video! So cute!