Monday, June 11, 2012

From winter worn, to summer sharp!

The past few months I've had a favorite pair of skinny jeans.  They fit perfectly: not too much stretch or too little flexibility, and went with everything because of their dark indigo color.  And, well, I wore them almost every day.

The jeans stayed in good shape until Lincoln and I began playing "lion," a game which incorporates hide-and-seek with tag (and tickle).  Since I am usually the lion, I chase Lincoln on all fours.  We take authenticity very seriously while impersonating an animal (we even take turns wearing this hat while playing).

Sadly, this game began to thin and fade the knees of my beloved jeans.  The knees became so faded I eventually stopped wearing them.  Surprisingly, I wasn't upset at my jean's destruction because it reminds me how much I play with Lincoln (which all parents need in their "not doing enough" self-deprecation).  Ah, the things moms find validating!

I couldn't throw them away because they'd fit so perfectly...maybe the "just-kneeled-in-white-paint" look would come around?  And, in moments of the "I'm-not-good-enough" parental self-deprecation, it was physical proof that I do try!  So they've sat in my closet for the last month, until I decided to turn my frown upside down and make them into shorts!  I cut them a little above my knee so I could adjust their length depending on my outfit, then cuffed them, and, bam.  New summer shorts, just as favored as they were in their previous life as pants.

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