Saturday, April 7, 2012

This was when

I still used tanning beds, before I'd ever worn lipstick, when I'd have a mental breakdown if I couldn't fit into my smallest pair of jeans at all times, took a lot more time doing hair/makeup, when I didn't talk to my mom on a regular basis, and before I knew I'd met the man I would marry (although I had a pretty good feeling about it).

This was when Tyson kept a gnarly beard for the entire winter season, when he got to snowboard at least twice a week, when he worked the graveyard shift, when every Zumiez employee in Utah knew him as their former boss (hello discounts), and when he owned more hats than I could count.
This was when we listened to Jay-Z's "The BluePrint 3" on repeat, didn't think we wanted a baby for a few more years, hadn't said "I love you" yet, before we had permanent bags under our eyes from a consistant lack of sleep, and weren't even close to how happy we are now!


  1. marriage and motherhood sure change our outlooks on life ! you guys have always been very stylish, huh. ;]

  2. Beautiful picture....I hardly remember you looking like that now!