Thursday, April 5, 2012

One last Happy First Birthday to Lincoln!

A few weeks ago (talk about posting procrastination) we had a birthday party for Lincoln at Sugar House Park.  We invited close friends and family, and enjoyed the nice weather with some barbequed kabobs, pasta, fruit and drinks.  Our friends, Devin and Stephanie, made Lincoln his "One Cent" cake which was delicious (and looked perfect)!

We're completely aware that having a one year old's birthday party is usually more of an excuse to get together with friends than actually for the baby (since how much can they really comprehend), but we're so glad we did it!  I can't believe Lincoln is actually a year old!


  1. he has changed so much in the last couple months ! such a big boy now. :] love the cake !

  2. That last picture should be something like, "So....this is what sugar tastes like!"
    Good for you raising him to not have that every day!

  3. Such a cute cake! Looks like a fun time. Now you can tell him he had three parties for his very first birthday! Haha, hard to top that!;)Also, so cute, you guys have the same face going in that last pic!

    1. i was going to say that, too, about the same face but i wasn't sure if it was just me ! haha :]