Sunday, December 18, 2011

weekend links

We're beginning to fill our suitcases as I write this because tomorrow we're off to California!  I hope you enjoy the last Sunday before Christmas, December has flown by.  Kinda sad and exciting, at the same time.  Here's a few links for your day:

25 ideas to make your life easier.

Your husband would like this website (and you, too, if youre awesome).

Every year this family does a traditional Christmas video instead of a card.

A dolphin jetpack!?  I want one!

The most powerful images of 2011.

Why men and women can't be friends.

H&M use fake, computer generated bodies for their models (then paste different heads on later).

Kids' cereals that have more sugar than chocolate chip cookies.

Money origami.

Home Alone house for sale!


  1. those pictures were pretty amazing and the video of the guy asking about men and women as friends was so funny ! :] have fun on your trip !!

  2. The money Origami was amazing!!! I want the home alone house! LOL Great links!

  3. the 25 ideas to make your life easier are pretty clever!

  4. OMG, that baby feet Christmas tree is amazing! I have to remember this when I have my own little ones!

    Hope you have an amazing week!