Thursday, December 22, 2011

home for the holiday

Being home for the holidays is the best!  We've been catching up on our sleep, taking advantage of all the babysitters and enjoying my mom's beautiful Christmas decorations, lights and warm fires.  One thing that is difficult about being home is knowing we have to leave and be so far from Lincoln's amazing grandparents.  Enjoy the last few days before Christmas, they are always my favorite!


  1. i love that picture of lincoln popping his head up in bed ! so cute !! and of course the one of your parents with him. they look like they couldn't be happier with their grand baby home for christmas. :]

  2. Awww darling photos! Nothing beats being home for the holidays - nothing!

    Hope you have a happy holiday season <3

  3. FUN! Being with family IS THE BEST! :)

  4. I'm bummed we missed each other, but so happy you got this much needed time with family. Those pictures just feel like Christmas! Especially, coming home and snuggling under homemade quilts!