Friday, December 30, 2011

"this is war"

Some families watch festive movies on Christmas Eve, others go caroling.  My family used to make gingerbread houses, but have since graduated to a more serious tradition that reminds us to be thankful for our life and safety.  Hello, paint balling!  It's always sounded painful and not altogether appealing, but somehow this year I let Rachel convince me to put on seven layers of sweatshirts and join in.

Once I was huddled behind a tree in the freezing cold and hardly able to see far enough to spot the opposing team from my foggy face shield, I remembered why I decided to sit out in the past.  To add to my quickly increasing list of reasons playing was a bad choice, darling Rachel hit me twice on the inner thigh.  The inner thigh!  I still have huge black bruises, which are a very sexy addition to my white legs.

To be fair, I did get her back - in. the. face.  So take that, paint balling.  It didn't feel as satisfying as I'd hoped, but maybe I was just too cold to do cartwheels across the war zone.  Or maybe I was about to pee my pants in fear.  Okay, probably both.


  1. now that's a fun tradition :) good job being brave, I would have been just as scared!

  2. Haha, go you! That sounds so fun/painful. I wish my family did that!

  3. Your outfit is sooo hot!! Love it! ;)

  4. Hahah oh my what a great tradition! I'm too chicken to try this but I know my husband would love it, ha seriously that looks fun!

  5. what fun!! i LOVE paintball wars! :)