Sunday, October 16, 2011

sleepy sunday favorites

Lincoln is 7 months old today.  Where does time go?!  We are working on a Sunday nap around here - even my sister, Rachel, is making an effort to get baby boy to sleep by singing some old school Girls Camp songs.  I can handle 2 a.m. but I cannot handle missing my post-church Sunday nap!

Here are a few favorites from this past week:

These pencil tip carvings are amazing!

Before it rains, I want a striped umbrella like this one.

Some of the best things in life.

Adorable/funny video on how to make a baby!

I've wanted this paper bag skirt to wear with thick socks or tights.  And a DIY tutorial.

Obsessed with this mustard colored dress.

Gold dipped ballerina flats!  Who can I buy them from?

This girl's got it right - embrace messy hair!


  1. omg - his face in the second picture made my day ! :] i hope when he starts crawling a bunch it will help tire him out. i can't imagine how hard that is for you right now to not get much sleep... ever. :[

  2. Such beautiful pictures and I can't believe how much Lincoln is growing! What a happy face! You and Rachel look so pretty...Tyson so handsome....lucky us!!!

  3. 7 months old! Time keeps on going and going so fast. Cute Pictures.

  4. Ha ha, aren't Sunday naps the best!? Cute baby boy... go to sleep already ;)

  5. Oh my, how I looooove messy hair!

  6. Aaah, you're favorites made my day. Love them. I'd have to second that Lincoln in that picture with the HUGE smile made me smile. I think I need to look at that on days when I am having a bad day:)

  7. Such an adorable family :)

    Naps=love. Seriously! I don't care what day or time! lol

    a cup of subtle tea