Sunday, October 30, 2011

clickity click

I hope your Halloween weekend is going great!  Here are a few of my favorites from around the web...

I want this Hans Solo in carbonite ice cube tray!

This is the best quote ever.  Shouldn't we all be telling ourselves this?

Toms are coming out with ballerina flats this spring.  I want a leopard pair!

I am obsessed with baby legs for winter, and if I had a sewing machine I could use this DIY tutorial and make my own (mom?  a little help here?).

Rain boots!

Are these people dressed up for Halloween, or do they just live in Williamsburg?

We are using one of these  ugly fridge cover-up ideas.

I love these dotted tights!

And lastly, "people are awesome."  Seriously...amazing.


  1. I loved the video! And those ballerina leopard flats are amazing. I love flats! So many cool things in the blog this week, thanks!

  2. those flats are super cute ! i can't wear those kind of shoes, though, since my left foot is a little wider than my right. booo for me ! both of you enjoy them for me. :]

    oh - love the matching striped pants on daddy and son ! :]

  3. So excited for rain boot season! I have green hunters and they are my favorite to wear!

  4. those tom's ballerina flats are really cute!

  5. ahh I love that picture of Tyson and Lincoln!!! So cute! But uh... Excuse me, I know I am a little demanding but you should explain to me or something that your blog will not be updated because it has been two days and I am getting a little depressed. Just sayin'

  6. What does Jim Gaffigan say, "I can barely make it to the bank on time."
    That video was technically in 'crazy'. I wish I had the nerve to do that stuff...oh yeah, and a 20 year old body!