Saturday, October 29, 2011

what's up, grandpa - I mean, Rachel?

While I was looking through all of Tyce's past Halloween costumes (found here), I remembered my sister, Rachel, is also talented at the game of dress up.  Rachel's dedication to authentic costumes is one of the many reasons she's my favorite person to hang out with.

*picture 1 - grandpa & grandma, 2 - Legolas & Aragorn from Lord of the Rings, 3 - janitor 


  1. Oh man, these cracked me up!!! She is talented! I LOVE that she really goes with a part all the way...and that she isn't some slutty version of a french maid or something. GO Rachel!

  2. hahaha! These are awesome. :) You should link it up to my Halloween party!

  3. Baby, Baby!!!!! I love you and the little woman in the first! But they're all great! You make a momma proud:)

  4. I'm still laughing, Rachel!