Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pocatello (the last part)

While we were over at Britton's house, he showed us his chameleon, Crayola.  I had seen this awesome guy before, but never touched it.  It has the cutest little feet that are (apparently) very soft, and I'm convinced if it weren't for his bright color, I would have left him alone (which is ironic, since chameleons are supposed to blend in so they aren't noticed.  Just a thought).

After Britton let the lizard crawl onto my arm, it started puffing up, so I got scared (naturally, right?) and asked Britton, "will he bite me!?" to which he responded "....I don't think so...." which kinda fueled my fear.  And then...someone took a picture, but I think I was supposed to smile?  Who in their right mind can think of such a thing when a lizard is about to eat you alive?  I'm not even sure if Crayola has teeth, but next time I will ask the questions before I let a lizard hitch a ride on my hand.

Crayola was definitely the coolest of all Britton's pets (and he did have such soft feet, for the record)!

*Please note: although it looks like I am about to give the lizard to Lincoln to play with in the last picture, that is not the case.  It looks much closer in the picture than it was in reality!


  1. hahaha your face!! So amazing!!! Ahhh, he is so cute!!!! Love it!!!

  2. PS. Even when you are scared you look super hot. That's it.

  3. wow, he has some awesome pets !!! and that picture of you is so great ! lol :]

  4. The sheer terror on your face is priceless! Lincoln looks pretty into it as well!

  5. Wow look at that lizard!!!! You are one brave woman!

    - Sarah

  6. Eeeek you are way braver then me!! Not a great example for my children, when I am sure they are going to have to talk me down, from when my son has a worm for the first time. lol You two make such a stunning couple!


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  8. I don't know if mine ever get posted...but the face you made was the same face you used to make when I would catch you doing something you weren't supposed to!
    HA that made me laugh out loud!
    I don't care...soft feet or not, it's a lizard and it's creepy.

  9. that is one crazy, beautiful lizard!! it hardly even looks real! :)

  10. Oh my gosh, that is CRAZY! That is one big and beautiful lizard!!

    Carrie Rosalind
    Rosalind Revival