Wednesday, September 28, 2011

monday night bbq

Monday evening we drove down to Dave and Elle's in Lehi, where we ate barbecued chicken, fruit, and caramel cream pie with a few friends.  They recently returned from honeymooning in Paris, France, so of course we asked for a slideshow of their trip.  It rained while they were in Paris, so in many of their pictures they are holding a little pink parasol above them to keep them dry, but it provided the most beautiful lighting and made the pictures especially dreamy!

 After a few pictures (especially the ones from the Louvre), I started to feel a little sad we live in Utah, when there are so many beautiful places in the world which provide art history via a stroll down the street.  So, to help lighten my mood, Tyce and I snuck upstairs and got dessert ready for everyone.  Because, after all, who doesn't feel better after a few bites of yummy dessert?


  1. such a happy boy !!! i love the last picture. reminds me of my bubba when he was that little and loved to be thrown in the air. :] the pie looks delish !

  2. I love how happy Lincoln is! He must be so at ease to be that smiley all the time:) (Good parenting) I must also add from my observation that you look great with any hairstyle. I am gonna go puke now...

  3. VERY cool throwing picture!! You catch it right on time!