Sunday, September 18, 2011

my favorite things

Before Lincoln started teething, everyone told us to get Hyland's Teething Tablets.  Unfortunately, they had been recalled so we were out of luck, but guess what?  They're back, as of September 1st, and I just want to say that everyone was right.  They are like magic, and possibly made of fairy dust.  It's hard to tell.

As it gets chillier by the day, I start to worry about feeling cooped up in our small apartment through the winter.  I'm making it a goal to get out everyday, regardless of the cold.  The children's clothing line Polarn O. Pyret has the great saying, "there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes."  After browsing the outerwear, I'd have to agree!

These homemade dinosaur feet are so awesome (cheap and easy also)!  Can someone with a walking child please do this?  Maybe Tyce and I will try it out, too...

My autumn go-to outfit can be found here.  I love (maybe am obsessed with?) everything about it.

We really want these book hooks for our nightstands!  Maybe my wood shop savvy sister could make me one, though?

These hanging chairs look amazing and add a unique touch to any room (my favorite is the room with the swing), plus would be great to have with a baby!

I realize for the last few weeks I've been loving on mason jars, but I'm not over them (far from it, actually).  Here is a great idea for brownies in a jar (with ice cream + toppings), and here are some great mason jar meals.  The first night I have time, I'm baking a batch of brownies via mason jars!

What men like on women, in comparison to what women like on women, or what they like, vs. what we like; how fashion, by a woman's standard, is very often the opposite of attractive by men's standard (think of any menswear trends on a woman - I love how it looks, Tyce does not).  There is an entire website, The Man Repeller, which is dedicated to "good fashion before anything else."

The few trends I want for my fall wardrobe this year are ones with stripes and polka dots.  Very French this season, oui?  My favorite stripes are here and here; my favorite polka dots here and (seriously lusting/most favorite) here.  Old Navy has a lot of great tops, too, with more reasonable prices!

And finally, babies making friends with other babies.  So cute!


  1. you look seriously BONKERS amazing in that picture jen. LIKE WOW! you're hair is SUPURB!

  2. i agree ! such a cute picture and his smile is so big and adorable !! :] why do fashionable items have to be SO dang expensive ?! they'd sell way more if they lowered the price of things. ;]

    oh, and i love the wooden book hooks. so cool !!!

  3. Why is it that after reading a list of your favorite things, I feel so boring and simple?! Must say I love the stripe tank at Old Navy, love the brownies in the jar (of course!) and LOVE the kleenex idea for dinosaur shoes! I must admit when it comes to my fashion if it smells clean, fits well, and is a good color on me, I will wear it. I could probably use some catching up on my fashion.

  4. You are just hot. That is all!

  5. Ya, that's right, check it! You can see my name!

  6. Please thank Dad and I for the good looks...we gave them to you :)
    BTW, bring the baby back to Grandma & Grandpa, I can tell he's miserable without us!
    Love you,