Friday, September 30, 2011

a few favorites on a friday

Usually I save my "favorite things" list for Sunday, but this week I thought I'd try a Friday instead!  I hope everyone enjoys their weekend; my sister Rachel is visiting, so we'll be doing a lot of catching up!

My favorite pair of geeky glasses ever!

This "dear photograph" website is awesome (but be warned, it's an easy way to spend 2 hours and not notice!)

Could every elevator be this amazing/hilarious/beautiful?

Over the weekend I'm going to attempt to make these no-bake Nutella bars.

I love Michael Kors suggestion to substitute a long vest for a coat!

I'm a firm believer of bracelet-stacking.  This pave arrow cuff and buckle wrap bracelet would be perfect additions to my collection.

Here is a DIY tutorial on tinting mason jars.  So cute!

This fall leaves garland is so easy, cheap and ridiculously adorable to make!

I love the zipper up the back of these boots (and the fact you can wear them with legwarmers)!

This ring set is gorgeous!


  1. Well, where are you off to, Gorgeous?! I loved the Dear Photograph, so cool!

  2. Oh my goodness you are gorgeous! And this list is great! I too love stacking bracelets and LOVE zippers on boots, have a pair for sure...just need it to get colder so I can wear em! :)