Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Zzz's, or the lack thereof.

Lately I've felt like I'm in a fog.  I have to wear concealor and foundation under my eyes, and last night I think I stared at Tyce for an entire 30 seconds before answering a simple question.  I keep zoning out, becoming very suddenly concentrated on the tile floor, looking at it like I've met it in another life and cannot possibly rip my eyes away from it's majesty.  Wait, what?  I was zoned out.  Talk about "the lights are on but nobody's home."  Perhaps I should get more sleep, you say?  Someone should give that memo to my baby boy.  They say babies need more sleep than adults to function, yet here I am, staring at Lincoln bouncing away in his jumper, wondering if he snuck a Red Bull when I wasn't looking.  The worst part is that I can't have any caffeine because that means he will get caffeine...and I desperately need him to take one solid nap, so that possibly I can take one solid nap.  For now, I guess I'll have to settle for the sugar rush of fruit snacks.  Lots and lots of fruit snacks.
So, as you can imagine, I can hardly think about anything other than sleep, so don't judge my lack of ability to write a simple paragraph (or even one sentence) right now.

See the mouth hanging wide open?  That's usually a pretty clear indicator L is past exhaustion, but apparently he doesn't think so.  Party.


  1. You write so well that I laugh the whole time I'm reading this! I think I've figured out how you can make buckets of money and then you can buy ME a plane ticket up so I can babysit and you can sleep.....write! You should write articles, columns, books, you're good at it and it is fun to read.
    Love this blog and oh yes, I love you and that darling little boy too! Hope you get some sleep cause I so empathize with you!

  2. well you still look beautiful, even with the lack of sleep !!! :] have you tried bathing him with the johnson's bed time bath stuff ? we have used it every day since brett's umbilical cord fell off and i think it's totally helped him sleep. we only use the wash now, but used to use the bubble bath (when he only took baths), the body wash and then the bedtime lotion before putting him down. it says it's "clinically proven" to help babies sleep and i believe it !!! also, i know it can get expensive and some people don't want to do it, but we had to give brett some formula while i still pumped because i couldn't produce enough milk for his enormous appetite and we added a little bit of gerber oatmeal to the bottles and it would keep his tummy full a lot longer. i think that's partially why he has always slept so well for us. good luck and keep trying different things to help him sleep ! :]

  3. I always wear concealer...you my dear are gorgeous without sleep. Ugh, not me! But I do sympathize, not getting sleep is tough. He looks so precious all wide eyed though!

  4. I would also agree with your mom...you are a great writer:)

  5. That last picture really shows how much he has your eyes!!!! So b-e-a-utiful!!!!!!!!!!