Thursday, August 11, 2011

south bound

Babies are so much easier (and more fun) to pack for, aren't they? And it probably makes it even simpler that I have a boy and not too many accessories to remember! Tonight we leave for California to [finally] take that much needed vacation. We are staying in San Diego with my family for the week, and it should be perfect. Lincoln hasn't met my dad and two other siblings, so we're also looking forward to everyone getting to know one another.

Lately, Lincoln hasn't had the best relationship with his car seat. Because of the extreme fear of our own child crying, Tyson and I have planned to drive through the night. My strategic plan is to only let L cat nap throughout the day so when we leave this evening, he'll be ready to sleep for more than 20 minutes. I hope anyways. I'm praying/hoping/wishing that our plan works out and L passes out, so send a little luck our way and cross your fingers!

The best part is that I have my best friend next to me for ten hours to talk and catch up with. I've packed enough Rockstars (for Tyson) and sugar (for myself) to get anyone through a long night. So here we come California!


  1. brett hated his backward facing car seat and would cry whenever he was in it after about 7-8 months old ! :[ when we finally got him into a front facing one around 14 months, he was as happy as can be ! maybe if someone sits in the back with him to help entertain he'll be okay for the parts he is awake for the drive. :]

  2. Yay! That's a good idea to drive at night. Eli used to cry a lot in his seat at Lincoln's passes! I pack a backpack of toys and that helps! Safe Travels!