Wednesday, August 10, 2011

buckled up.

We researched, we searched, and found the perfect swing for Lincoln.  It plugs into the wall (I would seriously recommend it, even though there is a slight price increase - it's so worth it), has the option for music, and of course, cute bunny ears.  When L had a sudden energy burst at 4 a.m. I could put him in the swing, then lay on the couch until he fell asleep; when he was too cranky to be held or put down, I could stick him in the nice plush seat and swing his worries away.  In short, we adore the swing.  L loves it, and we're all so happy when we push the switch on, tap "level 4" on the speed option, and watch the bird mobile start to turn.

Except...lately he has figured out how to push his bum [almost] out of the seat.  So we had no choice.  We had to add the straps to his chair.  Sounds horrific, right?  Luckily (and I mean luckily - what would we have done without our swing!?) L didn't seem to mind.  Phew!

He thought he was hilarious.  And then we employed the straps...

Crisis averted.


  1. Wait until he starts sitting up and swinging himself back and forth in it!!! I wish they made swings for toddlers..haha

  2. He has gotten so big! I laughed so hard at the picture with his legs sitting straight up! ADORABLE! Thank you for sharing! You always make your blog so humorous and delightful to read!

  3. such a cute wiggle worm ! :] i miss those days when i could put brett in his swing and get things done. enjoy them while they last. :D

  4. Crisis averted when you put the swing in the room with the lights all dark and the loud fan..... ;)
    Those were the funniest pictures!